Recon wood mouldings in modern decoration

Now the housing decoration use a lot of recon wood moulding. Compared with other moulding products, the recon wood mouldings are more suitable for modern decoration, then why is this?

The recon wood is made of natural wood as raw material and made by high-tech. Their looks is even superior to all kinds of natural precious tree species wood all new decorative materials. Science and technology wood used in home improvement has the following advantages:
1.We all know that science and technology of wood heat resistance it is obvious to people. For example, take a lighter on the panel burning for about 5 seconds, or as new as before. Its flame retardant and heat resistance is the painted door, steel door, PVC paint door is far from the.
2.Recon wood has high density and does not absorb moisture. Due to the humidity of home space and other reasons, the panel will not appear mildew, discoloration, layer and other symptoms. It has the advantages of which the natural solid wood mouldings do not have.
3.Even if the recon wood mouldings appears for a long time, there is oil and sludge in wood science and technology, only need to get paper towels or wet cloth to wipe. No matter how to wipe it, it will not affect the wood line. After wiping is to let the surface of wood science and technology products such as the new day.

Recon wood moulding
The abrasion resistance of the wooden mouldings is very good, not afraid of keystrokes, and don’t worry about the naughty children scratching at home.


Recon wood moulding